Payment methods accepted by EL IMPERIO DEL HOBBY

In we offer you several payment methods so that you can select the one that best suits you in each order.

  • CREDIT/DEBIT CARD: After confirming the order and selecting this payment method, you can make it through the secure payment gateway of RedSys. Once the payment process is made, you will be redirected back to As soon as we receive the payment we will start preparing your order.
  • PayPal: After confirming the order you will be taken to the website of PayPal taking advantage of their secure payment platform. You can make the payment with your PayPal account or with your credit or debit card. Once the payment process is made, you will be redirected back to As soon as we receive the payment we will start preparing your order.

Additional information about credit/debit card payments

We process all card payments through the RedSyS payment gateway, which is strictly compliant and certified to the strictest industry standards, with regulatory licenses worldwide.

Comprehensive security

We take the security of your data very seriously, that's why we don't keep any data from your card and we only rely on payment gateways with a large investment in infrastructure security and that collaborate with the best security experts in the world.

RedSys Banco Sabadell

Redsys has one of the most COMPLETE, FLEXIBLE and ADVANCED e-commerce platforms in the industry. The secure payment gateway of RedSyS is the one who stores the credit card data that, in no case, pass through our website. The gateway integrates SSL security encrypted with AES-256 and 3D Secure 2 and always makes a request for a second level of security (3D Secure Authentication).

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Secure E-Commerce CES 3D Secure

Our CES (Verified by Visa or mastercard Secure Code) payment system through the RedSyS payment gateway is 100% secure for all our customers. In all operations the system performs a validation with the bank issuing the card with which it is paying, asking for a key / PIN / signature / security code that the client must have, and that together with the card number, expiration and the 3 digits CCV of the back guarantee the security of the operation. This key/PIN/signature/security code can be called in different ways depending on the bank of your card. For simplicity we call it hereinafter CES Security Code or CES Secure Electronic Commerce Code.

Only customers who have CES Code issued by their bank to make payments in secure e-commerce will be able to make payments by card on our platform. This is because we work with the system that involves maximum security and ordering this CES Code for secure e-commerce guarantees the customer 100% anti-fraud security.

If you do not have the CES code for secure e-commerce on your card we indicate that you can request it for the same card you already have (you do not have to do another one) in your bank through a simple procedure. This procedure depends on each bank.

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Additional information about PayPal

In our online store you can also pay by selecting as a payment method the PayPal gateway, with your PayPal account or by credit or debit card. All payments are processed through the secure payment gateway of PayPal, but it is not necessary to have an account in PayPal to pay with your card.

From the payment gateway of PayPal you can make the payment of your purchase in with your credit or debit card without having to have or create an account in PayPal. The steps you need to follow in this case are as follows:

  • On the PayPal payment page select the link: Don't have a PayPal account?
  • On the next screen select the type of payment based on your card and fill in your details for payment.
  • At the end of the form you will see the link: Save data to PayPal. If you deploy it, clicking on the + sign or on the link itself will appear two new fields for you to enter a password. If you do not want PayPal to save your data and create a user account, leave it blank, so you will pay with your card without creating an account in PayPal.

In this way you can make the payment with your card through the secure payment platform of PayPal without the need to create an account.

Of course, if you have an account in PayPal you can also process your payment with it by clicking on the link: "Pay with my account PayPal" on the first screen. And if you finally decide to create an account in PayPal you can use it in future payments on our website to pay faster and take advantage of all the advantages of the PayPal payment platform.

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Revised and updated text dated March 29, 2021

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